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Feisty gives UK startups & small companies a voice in the contest for talent

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We’ve helped over 1,000 startups & small companies find great candidates. See what we can do for you.

Our candidates are seeking roles in small companies (from one to a few hundred people) where they can have a positive impact, be recognised for good work and feel included. If we don’t think we’re right for you, we’ll say. But if we are, here’s how we can help:

Managed Campaign

A single job listing that is put in front of the right people, with ongoing support from of one of our campaign managers.

Campaign Manager
Job description surgery
Worth £150
Flexible candidate application process
Application screening & interview scheduling
Reach & Connect
200,000+ Feisty members matched & notified by email
Branded posts on social media
Live on Feisty job page for 30 days
Premium post on UK Startup Jobs
Worth £200
Adverts across our partner networks
Worth up to £1,000
plus VAT
"Feisty has been a breath of fresh air. The quality of candidates has been exceptional compared to other job sites."

Unlimited Pass

Partner with us and we’ll look after your recruitment marketing for a year.

Unlimited Managed Campaigns
Automatic marketing of your roles
We’ll pick up your roles from your jobs page, ATS or just by email and put them in front of our audiences
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Your recruitment marketing expert will work with you to achieve success
Featured social media post
We’ll put you in front of our 10,000+ followers as a ‘Featured Employer’
Let's Talk
"The best thing for me is how responsive our dedicated Campaign Manager is."

Other Services

Job Description Surgery

We’ll pick up your text and turn it into a structured, engaging, inclusive, clear and informative job advertisement optimised to attract talented and diverse applicants. You’re free to use the job description however you want.


Recruitment Marketing Consultancy

We can use our near decade of experience in recruitment marketing for small businesses to help you with a project or challenge that you’re facing, just let your campaign manager know.

Employers *really* like Feisty

Since 2015 we’ve helped 1,000+ companies stand out from the crowd.

"The candidates have all been super good quality and better than what an actual recruitment company have sent through!"
"We have consistently been impressed by the quality of candidates that Feisty has sourced for us...saving us a lot of time and effort."
"Really easy to work with!"
"Feisty has been a fantastic way to reach the right talent for our roles very quickly."
"The Feisty team were great at letting us know exactly what they needed from us, before running a seamless recruitment process in which we got access to the right, high-quality candidates."
"The job descriptions look great - really like the tone of voice and everything looks spot on."
"Even better than our own careers page!"
"Our company has made three hires through Feisty so far and the experience has always been efficient and hassle-free!"